Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gangster land.

I've been attacked and character assassinated by Black panthers.  Approximately ten years ago, I walked onto a bus with nobody but me and two black kids. One was a female and the other was her boyfriend I guess.  I had seen this female before where I lived(and still do) in Alpine outside San Diego.  She always refused to smile or talk to me.  But, I went and sat in the back next to them anyways.  I fell asleep, and the next thing I knew I felt a bump; I looked up, and this girl acted(signaling to her 200, maybe 180, pound boyfriend) like I had just assaulted her. I more or less said, what a bitch.  At that point, her boyfriend who was at the other side of the bus where there is an exit said, "apologize or I'll beat you up."  I faced him nose to nose and chewed him out.  When I explained this to some psychologist, the guy just replied, if you had hit him you might have hurt him!  This is just one example of the biased screwy reasoning everybody has; but, this was like ten years later.  The 200 pound boyfriend was taken from the girlfriend and acted like I had torn him from his religion. There's so much more to this story.  I have to try to keep the story short.  But, as time wore on, it was clear these two had gone around and telling all their friends that I must be a rascist.  These people never knew me; we never had a conversation.  I grew up a bluesman.

But anyways, one day years later, I came home and blew up and told them I was having these problems.  My parents just called the police on me.  I tried to tell the Policeman, and he just sent me to the psychologists. I e-mailed them, and got no response; or they'd just talk through the parents but refuse to investigate.

Then, I rejoin the military as a reservist.  I was with some introductory unit for a year or so, and then they sent me to VR-57, a cargo plane(C-40; it's a military version of the 737).  This squadron has it good and knows it. From the very start, the C.O. didn't like me; he had trouble shaking my hands.  Towards the end of the first C.O.(commanding officer), a Commander Hill, the guy was threatening me in front of everyone and laughing, and so was his X.O. Crump.  They'd do all these sny remarks, but they'd cowardly never bring me in to ask and tell me what their thinking.

When Crump became C.O. I reenlisted and they accepted.  They gave me a good conduct award(my second; my first was in active duty between 1995-99).  They had some former VR-57 guy now a Reservist Admiral come to give an open forum talk where we can ask whatever questions we want.  I asked him why are we at war with Iraq.  The next thing I know they're sending me to a psych ward.  They said, "you're trying to use the Admiral to get the blacks in trouble."  In other words, they admit to the truth of it! I explain to this to the psychologists, they just ignore it.

I e-mailed the f.b.i. No response.  I get these scared threatening looks from these rich well to do people in Alpine; I can only assume these people are f.b.i.

I e-mail the President Barrack Obama.  I'm pretty sure I got the response.  It was kind of vague and just like one line.  I've never gotten anybody over a ten year period to come and investigate.  They all run and get rid of me as soon as they can.  I've told him that M.I.T has these brain readers now, and that when nanotechnology advances enough, they'll be in abundant use.  And, I'll get him and everyone else.  No response!

I tried contacting Switzerland about getting them to help me get out of here; they gave some vague response of, 'we think you're too acclimated to the environment." You can read into this any number of things.

I don't know what to expect as a response from you; but, then again, I get no response from anyone anyways. , I give this just as a proof that such a thing as I've experienced is possible.  Around 4:10 minutes of the video, Gerrard McClendon notes that Blacks play the race-card arbitrarily. , Doug Williams showing his true colors.

I finaly found it, . girl beaten up by blacks on a bus.  This happened a week before the Captain interviewed me and played stupid.

university black professor who wants all whites killed.