Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dawn of the Dead analogies

In Dawn of the Dead", new 2005 version, a young father of a child and his wife, whose turned into a zombie and is all strung up on the bed to prevent her from biting him much less running around, is confronted by a normal old lady with a gun. He asks her, or really states, "you want to kill my family?" 

You have to consider the situation.  The zombies that both him and the lady have seen and fought, and the guy acts up. She shoots the now mother girlfriend because of the history of what she's just been through, and the now father of course shoots the old lady back and so on. The point is that this is how people think and act in real life. They don't care about facts or logic, just think selfishly and incrowdy.

Another instance of immature thinking in "Dawn of the Dead" is when the mall police go down to the first floor to clean up the latest mess that the new people did, they confront one of their own.  This guy went down stairs contrary to the orders of the head mall security guy to go down there, ended up getting bit and turned into a zombie.  The mall chief shoots him because he's 'twitching.'  One of the newbie security guards acts disturbed that the mall chief could shoot this guy who's a zombine now. 

See, I get attacked and character assassinated by black panthers who don't even know me, and complain, and everyone from the alpine police, to the f.b.I. to the military officers, chiefs, family act up and say "what, do you want to kill them?" This is just like the father above who says, "do you want to shoot my family?" 

It's socially uncool to criticize blacks today, so therefore, I must be a schizophrenic!  Stick him in a psych ward!   Nobody asks questions, no police ever come to take me around and see what the facts are; that's not allowed.   That is Nazi.