Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Crazy people . . . and nanotechnologists don't want to argue for rationality, and allow me to get away

"1. Add 1 space before parentheses.  F-

2. Way too many exclamation points for something that is "suppose to" sound technical.  C-

3. Misspellings galore.  C

4. Gross misuse of this--> ;  F-

Are you 15 or 16 years old? " - TheChronicHotAir

This was this guy's response to my "Early mathematical history of Pi" article,

At a youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2pi47X3q2A of "The British Blues Boom of The 1960's (Jeff Beck,Eric Clapton,Jimi Hendrix & Jimmy Page)" I posted . . .


In Return of the Jedi, C3PO, and R2D2 first go up to Jabba's palace; they first knock on the door; and, before anyone from Jabba's could answer, C3PO says quickly, "there doesn't seem to be anyone here; let's go back and tell master Luke", at which point some robot video camera pops out of the hugh doorway to answer the knock.  C3PO statement is about fear(perhaps, in this case justified) and an attempt to avoid, to be vague. I seem to get a lot of movie examples; but, I just got a real life example!

I e-mailed Foresight institute, at least former President Christine Peterson.  She has well a four year degree in chemistry from M.I.T. and she's been involved in nanotech for a long time. I pointed out that a Chris Phoenix couldn't seem to handle or have no response to my e-mailing him Carl Sagan's Cosmos episode 7.  For which she replied, to avoid the question much as C3PO above, with the following,


Christine Peterson peterson@foresight.org

May 17
to me
Hi David -- I am overwhelmed with other work, so unfortunately I can't help with this.

Thanks for thinking of me!"

Monday, March 2, 2015

more . . .

 . . . the evidence is telling blacks to come and fear monger me at Mediterraneos, Cuyamaca college track, telling kids something; they're fear mongering, superstore clerks are telling me I'm a freak, kids at wrights field seem like they want to fight,

Instead of taking me out to see how blacks react to me, they have the neighbors put up confederate flags.

My bio teacher is trying to dissuade me from liking her by showing her dog, and . . . I'm forgetting some other weird things said(she talked about plasmas drawing and that she recommended not to; but, there was a sign at the bio science building when classes first started saying if you know of workplace wrongdoing, then contact me; after about two weeks, the sign was taken down; but, she seemed not cognizant of it),  . . . there was an Iraqi girl asking me why I come to school at six instead of seven.

Instead of yelling at shitheads who go ahead and play these games, they put my father's jewish friend, Mike Sasvin(when I came back from running at the closest rubber track to run on, they have some local Jewish family light up their jewish house in Jewish symbols), and VR-57 people on me at linked in, Frank Fasl, Ron Gray, and who the hell is Sebastial Dupree?  Some sort of appeasement?

Then on facebook, they have Nisal asking me whether I changed or not after my military days.


mom wants to know why!

I don't remember what the topic of discussion; I just remember saying something, the mother says something way off for which I just stop talking to her, and the mother says "it's not my fault", for which I say, "yes it is you're fault", and in typical mother fashion, she fear mongers to make sure that there is no explanation.  I walk off and the dad is disturbed at me instead of the mother.  Typically, the mother yells at the dad, but the dad just has no reasoning or emotional ability to shout her down.

This is typically what happens.  Something happens, I try to explain, but I'm not allowed to or else it will reveal something about themselves they don't want revealed; so, I go in the psych ward and they sit there act all high and mighty.

And mommy wants to know why I'm so god damn pist!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dawn of the Dead analogies

In Dawn of the Dead", new 2005 version, a young father of a child and his wife, whose turned into a zombie and is all strung up on the bed to prevent her from biting him much less running around, is confronted by a normal old lady with a gun. He asks her, or really states, "you want to kill my family?" 

You have to consider the situation.  The zombies that both him and the lady have seen and fought, and the guy acts up. She shoots the now mother girlfriend because of the history of what she's just been through, and the now father of course shoots the old lady back and so on. The point is that this is how people think and act in real life. They don't care about facts or logic, just think selfishly and incrowdy.

Another instance of immature thinking in "Dawn of the Dead" is when the mall police go down to the first floor to clean up the latest mess that the new people did, they confront one of their own.  This guy went down stairs contrary to the orders of the head mall security guy to go down there, ended up getting bit and turned into a zombie.  The mall chief shoots him because he's 'twitching.'  One of the newbie security guards acts disturbed that the mall chief could shoot this guy who's a zombine now. 

See, I get attacked and character assassinated by black panthers who don't even know me, and complain, and everyone from the alpine police, to the f.b.I. to the military officers, chiefs, family act up and say "what, do you want to kill them?" This is just like the father above who says, "do you want to shoot my family?" 

It's socially uncool to criticize blacks today, so therefore, I must be a schizophrenic!  Stick him in a psych ward!   Nobody asks questions, no police ever come to take me around and see what the facts are; that's not allowed.   That is Nazi.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Captain of San Diego warship relieved of duties . . . but, well, see my other posts on this blog . . .


Captain of San Diego-based warship relieved of duty

Wars and InterventionsInternational Military InterventionsFamily PlanningFreedom of Information Act

Captain relieved as commander of the San Diego-based amphibious assault ship Boxer
Navy commander created a 'hostile, offensive and intimidating work environment,' investigation finds
The captain of one of the Navy's premier warships has been relieved of command after an investigation found that he routinely used foul and abusive language toward crew members and engaged in inappropriate touching and questioning of women.
Capt. Wayne Brown was relieved as commander of the San Diego-based amphibious assault ship Boxer after an investigation concluded that he had "lost the respect, trust and confidence of his subordinates" because of his temper and his behavior toward female crew members, according to the investigative report. His behavior included touching and asking crew members whether they were using birth control with their husbands or boyfriends.
Brown created a "hostile, offensive and intimidating work environment," according to the investigation that was undertaken after complaints from enlisted personnel and junior officers.
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The recommendation to relieve him of command was endorsed by Rear Adm. Frank Ponds in late September.
A heavily-redacted copy of the investigative report was provided last week to The Times through a request under the Freedom of Information Act. News of Brown's ouster, and the conclusions of the investigation, were first reported in the U-T San Diego.
Brown joined the Navy as an enlisted sailor in 1986 and became an officer in 1989. After being relieved, Brown was reassigned to a desk job in San Diego.
The report quotes one sailor - whose name and rank are redacted - saying that, "Capt. Brown's leadership style is caustic and intimidating and is something he would consider 'old school' or from the '80s."
The Boxer is designed to take combat Marines and heavy equipment to war zones. It deployed in support of the U.S. war in Iraq in 2003, 2004 and 2007. It also deployed to a humanitarian mission off Central and South America. Earlier this year it completed an eight-month deployment in the Western Pacific.
Brown was executive officer on the Boxer before becoming the commanding officer in June. He is the 12th commanding officer of a Navy ship to be relieved this year, according to the Navy Times.
The investigative report includes allegations that Brown put his hand on the back and hip of female sailors. Some incidents occurred aboard ship, some while the crew was on liberty in Bahrain and Subic Bay.
Brown was concerned about female sailors and junior officers using birth control because the ship had lost several crew members who became pregnant and could not deploy, the report says. But the women were unnerved by the questioning and thought it was inappropriate, according to the report.
Another incident involved Brown's alleged outburst after finding that a dance class and an academic skills class were scheduled aboard ship at the same time. He did not want to reschedule the dance class because he attended the class, the report says.
"He had a tirade for approximately 30 minutes during which time he yelled and pounded his fist on the desk," the report says. Another display of anger came when he was angry at a sailor for well-deck operations: "Capt. Brown proceeded to yell and curse at him and tell him how stupid his plan was."
The report concluded that Brown had violated Navy regulations against sexual harassment and conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. Along with ordering Brown relieved, Ponds also ordered an immediate investigation to determine if Brown's "caustic relationship with the port engineer" had undercut the Boxer's readiness to deploy.
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

some stuff in relations to my san diego problems; it's a responce to a facebook friend

Well, I thought I'd note that I won my first and only chess game this morning.  I could have dragged it out a bit longer and decimated the computer some more; but, I ended it pretty quickly.  I now have a five or six win buffer to my draws.  I've lost a few games here and there; but, I don't recall how many.  Have you done a group theory analyses of each chess piece? I've come to like chess more and more over the last few years since meeting you.  I look forward to seeing what it's like playing against a competent human!

I'd like to answer my facebook friends count and whether I've changed since my military days in one. I remember changing a bit around puberty. Before puberty and maybe around that time, I was a lot more active with people and friends. I had my best friend I would say, for the most part yes, my best friend before you - B.J. I'm not sure of his last name anymore. We met while living in W.S.M.R(white sands missile range), New Mexico. I know my mother stays in contact with her W.S.M.R. New Mexico friend, and they know B.J.  But, my mother never mentions him to me, and he's never tried contacting me. Since moving to Poway, San Diego after then, I've always either just had 'school' friends or 'bus' friends; but, I never hung out with any more than one person at a time since then.  Let me stress and make clear that back before moving to Poway, San Diego, I hung out with anybody and everybody, and got in various troubles. 

I remember in Sicily, I did all kinds of things; I showed my pee pee to girls; I had teens asking me to have sex with them; I broke into schools.  Whomever I was hanging out with considered me their climb into tight spaces guy.  They had me climb up pipes along the sides of the school to get inside the school. When that didn't work, we broke the glass door. I remember getting a bloody elbow.  I didn't know it till someone told me.  It didn't hurt. This was like first grade.  The Sicilians decided to hold me back a grade from all my activities. I went into peoples houses and stole the kids toys and gave them to others. My father found me playing with the bow and arrow in the backyard . . .  Somemore I can remember of my Sicilian days was some teen guy had me sneaking into the commissary(the navy food store).  We'd hang out behind adults and act like we were their kids; we'd then proceed to steal candy bars. I suppose Sicily times were my wildest; but, I did some stuff in W.S.M.R.

I honestly only remember doing one bad thing in W.S.M.R. I cheap shotted some girl.  It was during the fifth grade. We had previously during class time got into a lame scuffle. I was talking with some people at one table, she was at another table; and for some strange reason she picked a fight with me; and we just kind of pushed each other around. The teacher was out of the room. After school, I was walking with two guys who were telling me to go hit her, and I did so.  I didn't get in trouble, even though I saw her telling some adults and pointing me out. I can only imagine that they thought this was out of character and just too odd. I don't know if they got the story about our previous in class fighting, or why that would matter. Remarkably, we became friends in the sixth grade. We played tether ball together(I was the tether ball king). Once again, when I moved to Poway . . . if there was one time in my life where I really changed, it was then.  Like I said, at that time, I've never really had more than one or two friends at any one time.  The one Poway friend was kind of interesting.

Jia Arnold.  I'm not sure if it's Jai, or Jia. But, we had previously met in Monterey, San Francisco area, when even younger.  We were of course both military brats as they like to call children of military folk. We did some damage together as I've been reminded, but not that bad. When in Poway, the age difference maybe took affect a lot more.  He was also into hard core punk music. Here's an example! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrdmk81elU8 . I'd say Agnostic front was literaly the best of the hard core punk he thought was the best music in the world! I couldn't get this guy to hike out in twin peeks hills by my house.  I could literally walk out of the house and go hiking in this indian preserved hiking spot.  It's still there.  We played lots of Risk and a space colonization and conquer game together while he'd try to convince me that hard core punk rock was the shit. I'd sit there and head bang trying to like Dr No and circle jerks!  He made a recording of his stuff; I eventually recorded over it.  He came over to my house one day and discovered that I had recorded Kingdom Come and Z.Z. Top over the backside.  He didn't like me ever again!  Honestly, he was a good and smart guy; but, maybe at the time, a little confused kid!  Last I've heard, he got married in some oriental clothes.  I remember he had learned Japanese while his family was stationed in Japan.  I'm sure he grew up. I'm a little disappointed he's never tried to contact me.  I can't believe he can't get over whatever little things happened there.  Oh well!  so far.  Best I can tell, he doesn't have a facebook. Or, I can't tell how he's changed facially.

I've had one odd person try to contact me. She said she knew me and we used to play together in Monterey. I don't remember her at all. The only girls I remember is Alice and Shannon; but, anyways.  She said her mother was dieing and to ask me to tell my mother.  So I did.  I know they talked.

So, once again, if I ever changed much in my life, it was from W.S.M.R to Poway. Changed outside of the military;  about the only thing I changed when I got out was my cussing.  I was cussing king in the military.

This has gotten to be a bit of a long reply as it is. I suppose I have more explaining my my facebook friend count. I'm currently taking a bio class and hope to get a more job specific degree.  In Grossmont college, biotech jobs are more or less their specialty.  I can get a job with about two or three more classes which are probably easier than this general bio class.  I can even go on and get a four year degree while working.  And then, I hope to work more on a mathematics degree. I'm not worried about age.  The future is coming; I'm one hundred percent convinced that we will live for a very long time and in pretty good health. To say the least, I don't see anybody from bio class lining up to sign on to facebook!  I hang out in the library; I don't see anybody there who seems interested in talking about whatever books I'm reading and so on. Don't know what to tell you Nisal!  I could talk about some of those I met when I first went to Grossmont when I first got out of the U.S. Navy.

To say the least, the only intellectuals I meet are these philosopher degree guys. And, the bus guy never invited me or ever wanted to hang out. I keep thinking he felt embarrassed about being in my presence around his friends. I never even knew his name.  But, we talked a lot on the bus systems and whenever we met in Grossmont college. Then there was Todd Walton. He was a former Navy submarine nuclear power tech - yea.  I remember taking him up mount woodson to hike. I told him previously to bring water.  He did not.  He got tired almost half way up.  I went running ahead for a little bit to see if I could find the peak.  I could not.  I came back and he was upset.  He was like, 'and oh look, there's a snake; it could have bit me.'  There was no snake, and if had been just standing there where I left him, he would not have had a problem along with all the other hikers passing by; but, he was totally freaking. There was some stuff before then though.  I forget the comments, but I found them odd. He mailed me without me knowing it, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance." I read it; it's a good book. But, I had been recommended this book before by an English teacher with some interest in science. Seems that lots of people think this book argues that some scientists get ultra rationalist and this isn't good or something. I found quite the opposite.  At the end, he says, 'should I apologize?' He said no(the author of Zen and Art of . . .). But, I keep getting recommended this book.  My mom, years after Todd Walton had mailed me this book(I still have the package sitting on a chair in my room), put a icon on the computer screen for this book. She didn't say anything other than, 'do you check the computer icons?'(I don't generaly; the're mostly for her). I didn't tell her, I've already read it. But, further odditly about all this is that my sister recommended me to read the sequel(Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance) I never did. But, I found that odd and many comments she would make to me.  I'm forgetting these odd comments. It's like we're talking about one thing, and then all of a sudden she slips in something really out of left field. Similarly, I remember that there were comments that would come way out of nowhere.  I've been waiting for him to come clean, but he's never done so.

- note; there's a lined section; I hit something while typing.  Some function combo did that.  I didn't mean to set the last few sentences apart like that.  If you type keys at random, sometimes you hit some function . . . !

I can't help noting that when I finished buying something at the local Alpine supermarket, some baggage handler said 'freak' while passing by.  It's like, I don't go get drunk at the local Alpine fine restaurant, Mediterraeneos(which is o.k but not that good; it's more of an o.k. Italian restaurant with a bar to spice things up because it's not that good), and so, I must be some kind of freak. I got asked by a classmate just the last class meeting why I come early. I told her, traffic.  She wasn't satisfied for some strange reason. I mean I come early and read and study before class. These people are paranoid.  I remember when first living in Alpine, I used to hike from my house to the Mexican restaurant. I'd have to pass by the police department, and go down these steps(which no longer are there), cross the street and go to Mananas(a Mexican restaurant which is still here and has even expanded). One time, I passed by the police department, which is one again just happens to be along the way, and there was a police car there, engine, running, keys in the car, with a heavy duty caliper shotgun if I was crazy enough to do something like that.   I remember checking out a radioshack's electronics.  I had just gotten out of the navy, and I had been an avionic tech. I was checking out all the resistors, caps, and so on just for fun; the store clerk looks like he's about to call the police!  The guy looked like he was worried I was going to steal something right in front of him!  Or, heaven forbid, buy some of these electronic components and create a nuclear bomb or something!

I can't remember exactly what my sister and Todd said, but I'd like to give some examples.  I've been trying to remember and keep examples of these things that I'm hearing of what I call vagueness games. This one comes from my father,

"The rice is really good". My father seems to have this tendency to try to get you to do something like eat his food.  This is certainly a harmless example.  But, the way he does it proves vagueness gaming.  He tells you the rice is good even though the main part of the meal is chili, he's trying to get you to eat the food from the day before.

See, there were leftovers, and he wanted me to eat them, so he says, "the rice is really good."  Here's another,

", my family had their thanksgiving, and my father wanted me to take a shower. I'm assuming this because he couldn't ask me about taking a shower, He always had to speak indirectly.         He'd say things like there's plenty of hot water," 

Once again, a perfectly harmless example; but, if proves the mental games, the indirect, not wanting to say exactly what's on his mind. The constant shoving of "Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance" is a form of this social game that I'm seeing.  I call it throwing word grenades.  They throw these word grenades at me, and then they rush out of the room so I can't reply.  I like this one scene in the movie "Ladyhawke" where the rebel who rescues an escaped convict(for stealing food because he's hungry) finds a couple out in the woods.  The couple are busy working, they two guys come in on a black horse, and ask these two woods people if they can stay over night.  The escaped convict offers money(whom he stole off a soldier sitting on the side of the water mote that surrounds the castle; you have to see the movie to laugh at this), but the two are so frightened at the two 'strangers'; but, they point to some little place without saying anything.  I mean this is how these Alpinoes are acting half the time, and these military officers, chiefs, you name it! They play all these vagueness games that I gave two examples of above.

You ask me why I have the facebook friends I have brother Nisal. I give the non-family reasons.  As for my family and relatives. I've not had my immediate family; non have asked me to link up on facebook  I was on first. And you've seen that entire evolution. I've had two relatives(three counting my aunt and uncle who shared a facebook). I got rid of them for various reasons. One was a George Loretto.  We've never gotten along since toddler youth.  He used to beat me up and harass me since we met. I don't get along at all with his militant Christian mother/father. The aunt and uncle were probably my best shot, and I don't know what happened with them.  I guess there was a couple of others. They left when I tried to get off of facebook. I know that my mother and my sister are not talking; I don't know what's going on.  Once again, non of my immediate family has ever expressed an interest in connecting.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gangster land.

I've been attacked and character assassinated by Black panthers.  Approximately ten years ago, I walked onto a bus with nobody but me and two black kids. One was a female and the other was her boyfriend I guess.  I had seen this female before where I lived(and still do) in Alpine outside San Diego.  She always refused to smile or talk to me.  But, I went and sat in the back next to them anyways.  I fell asleep, and the next thing I knew I felt a bump; I looked up, and this girl acted(signaling to her 200, maybe 180, pound boyfriend) like I had just assaulted her. I more or less said, what a bitch.  At that point, her boyfriend who was at the other side of the bus where there is an exit said, "apologize or I'll beat you up."  I faced him nose to nose and chewed him out.  When I explained this to some psychologist, the guy just replied, if you had hit him you might have hurt him!  This is just one example of the biased screwy reasoning everybody has; but, this was like ten years later.  The 200 pound boyfriend was taken from the girlfriend and acted like I had torn him from his religion. There's so much more to this story.  I have to try to keep the story short.  But, as time wore on, it was clear these two had gone around and telling all their friends that I must be a rascist.  These people never knew me; we never had a conversation.  I grew up a bluesman.

But anyways, one day years later, I came home and blew up and told them I was having these problems.  My parents just called the police on me.  I tried to tell the Policeman, and he just sent me to the psychologists. I e-mailed them, and got no response; or they'd just talk through the parents but refuse to investigate.

Then, I rejoin the military as a reservist.  I was with some introductory unit for a year or so, and then they sent me to VR-57, a cargo plane(C-40; it's a military version of the 737).  This squadron has it good and knows it. From the very start, the C.O. didn't like me; he had trouble shaking my hands.  Towards the end of the first C.O.(commanding officer), a Commander Hill, the guy was threatening me in front of everyone and laughing, and so was his X.O. Crump.  They'd do all these sny remarks, but they'd cowardly never bring me in to ask and tell me what their thinking.

When Crump became C.O. I reenlisted and they accepted.  They gave me a good conduct award(my second; my first was in active duty between 1995-99).  They had some former VR-57 guy now a Reservist Admiral come to give an open forum talk where we can ask whatever questions we want.  I asked him why are we at war with Iraq.  The next thing I know they're sending me to a psych ward.  They said, "you're trying to use the Admiral to get the blacks in trouble."  In other words, they admit to the truth of it! I explain to this to the psychologists, they just ignore it.

I e-mailed the f.b.i. No response.  I get these scared threatening looks from these rich well to do people in Alpine; I can only assume these people are f.b.i.

I e-mail the President Barrack Obama.  I'm pretty sure I got the response.  It was kind of vague and just like one line.  I've never gotten anybody over a ten year period to come and investigate.  They all run and get rid of me as soon as they can.  I've told him that M.I.T has these brain readers now, and that when nanotechnology advances enough, they'll be in abundant use.  And, I'll get him and everyone else.  No response!

I tried contacting Switzerland about getting them to help me get out of here; they gave some vague response of, 'we think you're too acclimated to the environment." You can read into this any number of things.

I don't know what to expect as a response from you; but, then again, I get no response from anyone anyways.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGlHWWeStSE , I give this just as a proof that such a thing as I've experienced is possible.  Around 4:10 minutes of the video, Gerrard McClendon notes that Blacks play the race-card arbitrarily.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy8E8dDsR4M , Doug Williams showing his true colors.

I finaly found it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb_HcZDuRBk . girl beaten up by blacks on a bus.  This happened a week before the Captain interviewed me and played stupid.

university black professor who wants all whites killed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqCLr6MSBWk