Monday, March 2, 2015

more . . .

 . . . the evidence is telling blacks to come and fear monger me at Mediterraneos, Cuyamaca college track, telling kids something; they're fear mongering, superstore clerks are telling me I'm a freak, kids at wrights field seem like they want to fight,

Instead of taking me out to see how blacks react to me, they have the neighbors put up confederate flags.

My bio teacher is trying to dissuade me from liking her by showing her dog, and . . . I'm forgetting some other weird things said(she talked about plasmas drawing and that she recommended not to; but, there was a sign at the bio science building when classes first started saying if you know of workplace wrongdoing, then contact me; after about two weeks, the sign was taken down; but, she seemed not cognizant of it),  . . . there was an Iraqi girl asking me why I come to school at six instead of seven.

Instead of yelling at shitheads who go ahead and play these games, they put my father's jewish friend, Mike Sasvin(when I came back from running at the closest rubber track to run on, they have some local Jewish family light up their jewish house in Jewish symbols), and VR-57 people on me at linked in, Frank Fasl, Ron Gray, and who the hell is Sebastial Dupree?  Some sort of appeasement?

Then on facebook, they have Nisal asking me whether I changed or not after my military days.

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