Monday, March 2, 2015

mom wants to know why!

I don't remember what the topic of discussion; I just remember saying something, the mother says something way off for which I just stop talking to her, and the mother says "it's not my fault", for which I say, "yes it is you're fault", and in typical mother fashion, she fear mongers to make sure that there is no explanation.  I walk off and the dad is disturbed at me instead of the mother.  Typically, the mother yells at the dad, but the dad just has no reasoning or emotional ability to shout her down.

This is typically what happens.  Something happens, I try to explain, but I'm not allowed to or else it will reveal something about themselves they don't want revealed; so, I go in the psych ward and they sit there act all high and mighty.

And mommy wants to know why I'm so god damn pist!

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